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November 28, 2012


Snow Day!!!  Snow Day!!!  Tonight’s class was cancelled due to impending snow.  Thank you Barb for thinking about our safety!

As I searched the internet for Assistive Technology Assessment Models I discovered the following

The SETT Framework gathers information concerning the following

·        Student’s needs and abilities

·        Student’s environment

·        Tasks needed for the student to participate in the environment,

·        Tools needed for completing the tasks.

2.     MPT MODEL

This model takes into consideration the following when determining appropriate Assistive Technology

a.     Individuals expectations,

b.     Preferences,

c.      Background,

d.     Family and environmental influences and

e.      Economic factors.

Questionnaires are used to find out information about the milieu, the person and the appropriate technology.


3.     LAP MODEL

A model based on a team approach that helps to select appropriate Assistive Technology that focuses on the following categories.

·        Physical Resources

·        Cognitive Resources

·        Emotional Resources

·        Support Resources

·        Environmental Analysis



This model is usually for school aged children and gives the ten very specific guidelines below:

·        Overview of the Assistive Technology assessment and planning process,

·        Assistive Technology assessment forms

·        Assistive Technology for computer access and writing

·        Assistive Technology for communication

·        Assistive Technology for reading, studying and mathematics

·        Assistive Technology for daily life, recreation and leisure

·        Assistive Technology for positioning and seating

·        Assistive Technology for hearing and vision

·        Assistive Technology for examples of  IPP goals and objectives

·         Assistive Technology financing and laws


·        AT Co Planner Model

·        ABC Model

·        Education TECH POINTS

·        Chambers Consideration Model

·        RESNA Model


Clay – fidget tool  

Stress Balls – fidgeting tool to alleviate impulsivity

Paperclips – Page markers and for helping with page turning

Magnetic Letters – to communicate and spell

Magnifying Glass – to enlarge material

Graph Paper – help with alignment, especially in Math

Kitchen Timer  – to set specific start and end times.

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