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Reflection - Oct. 4, 2012


October 4, 2012

Tonight’s class was enlightening!!! 

Learning to blog is kinda’ cool!  What a great way to share our thoughts, ideas, creative endeavours and quest for knowledge in the area of Assistive Technology.  I have only attended two classes and have learned so many ways I can make learning easier for individuals with limitations.  Learning should be easy!  Learning should be fun! Learning should be a life long pursuit!  If we can put tools in the hands of kids that make learning fun and easy, then learning WILL become a life long pursuit!

iAuthor!!!  Another amazing application from the brilliant minds at Apple!  Creating books is easy, fun, engaging, useful, interactive, individualized and most of all informative!!!  As I think back to the days when I taught english I can recall the children’s book assignment students used to complete.  They loved the project, from the brainstorm, the first draft, the numerous revisions to the illustrations and the final product.  I can only imagine what the project would have been like with this program!!!

I could see myself, or teachers within CAMS, using iAuthor for the following:

  1. Creating a student handbook all about CAMS.
  2. Developing our CAMS staff handbook.
  3. Newsletters home could be done in the form of a book with various editions or chapters.
  4. Great way to promote Social Media Awareness and how to protect yourself on line.
  5. Welcome book to CAMS for incoming grade six parents and students.
  6. Using it as a final assessment for a topic covered in class.  It can include interactive features as well as information gathering questions.
  7. Great way to make study notes for a topic.
  8. Cool way to promote your school on our website.  Visitors could be taken on an interactive tour of what CAMS is all about.
  9. Social stories!
  10. Great way to promote inquiry based learning – imagine what they could create from one “Big Question.”
How to use iAuthor!


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