Friday, 26 October 2012


October 17, 2012

Tonight was case study night!

Barb gave us a scenario and the task of designing a communication tool using proloquo2go.  It seemed like a simple task, and it was to some degree, but there were a number of factors we had to consider with our design.  We had to keep in mind button size, color scheme, size of text, rate of speech, appropriate voice and most importantly, what the buttons should say. 

As Stephanie and I progressed through the evening it became clear that actually inputting the detail was very easy.  The difficulty was keeping it simple for the user to access, as well as ensuring the questions, statements and general information provided was appropriate for a variety of settings.

 I think our design was on target but we need some help from others to ensure we actually provided what the user needs to communicate.  It would probably be helpful to have input from family, teachers, Speech and Language, and the user, if possible.  It is so difficult to decide what the user will need to say in different settings.

I will be interested to see what the other groups designed for their case study.

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