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December 12, 2012

Tonight is our last class and we finished our presentations.

Trisha presented “S” (Grade 3)


·        paper port – she could record and didn’t have to worry about the spelling

·        iWord Q – she speaks and it does the writing.


·        Raz Kids – read books on line and it assesses her comprehension

·        Tumblebooks – books that can be read aloud (favorite author Robert Munsch)

Great to hear “S” excited about her learning!

Ann presented “Jaden” (Grade 6)

It was nice to see Jaden tell us about himself and what he likes and his experience with co-writer.  Seeing his gymnastic ability was awesome!   It is inspirational to see a student become an optimal user of technology.  You really have opened his world and have given him a successful future.  It is also interesting to hear that he has apps that he prefers, and others he dislikes.  Independence is key!!!

Francine presented “Jack” (Grade 1)

He has had a host of services in the past but still waiting diagnosis.  How sad it isto hear that there are few iPads available in” Jack’s” school.  I was very glad to hear his parents were working to implement the use of an iPad at home.  You brought a tear to my eye when I heard he used proloquo to communicate he wanted a drink!


Isaac presented “A” (Grade 7)

Assistive technology isn’t always about electronics.  Seeing him calming himself in the swing puts everything in perspective.  Glad to see you have provided him with a voice through the iPad.  We really take our ability to communicate for granted.  Based on “A’s” abilities, it appears to be a hit and miss activity to find apps that suite his needs.  I really like the choices of calming apps that were introduced.  I can see introducing these to one of my students at CAMS.  Isaac, you are a special person!  Thank you!

Traci  presented the Early Literacy Intervention Group (Grade 3)

I found it interesting to hear how you use the AT to really focus on the remedial skills hat focus on the basics with students.   Using Sand Tray seems to work well to focus on particular letters and words.  How students learn to read really is an interesting process.  For those who struggle it becomes a cumberson process.  Any thing you can use to help them focus is useful.  I love how the stability balls let the kids be active yet remain focused.

Scott “Ziggy” (Grade 5)

Sometimes it is hard to believe it can take so much time to finally diagnose Learning Disabilities.  Seeing the char of her actual scores from her Psyc Ed puts her abilities into perspective.  Technology really will be the key for her!  Lap tops and computers are helpful but the iPad really is the best choice, (easy to access, large variety of apps).  Scott was correct when he said one frustration is the time it takes to learn apps and teach them to the students and staff.



This is the third Assistive Technology course I have taken from Barb.  It really is amazing how technology can change in a short period of time.  Some of the first forms of AT I was introduced to include Kurzwell, write out loud and co-writer.  I can remember being amazed at how these programs could open doors for so many kids.  However, as an administrator, I struggled with how to put these tools in the hands of students.  The cost was more than we could afford as a school.  Even with the obstacles, we did our best to support all students.  

This course has been even more amazing than the last two.    The iPad and its apps have improved the ability to learn for students who have challenges when it comes to learning.  I will continue to ensure that students at CAMS have the opportunity to use AT for their learning.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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